Mad Spud Cafe, Surry Hills, Sydney

>> January 25, 2015

Guest blogger edition

Bored of our usual breakfast joints, we decided to venture out and try something different. Didn't want to have to wait too long for a table but also wanted some place that had good coffee and decent food, a quick google search lead us to Mad Spud Cafe.

Located right on Crown street, this cafe is easy to fund and luckily we managed to snag a parking spot literally on their doorstep. There's indoor and outdoor seating but we opted to sit indoors.

Mad Pan brekkie - $16 - Boston beans, 2 spiced pork sausages, hash browns, poached egg, roast onion. Both our breakfast dishes were pretty full on. The beans and the poached egg were the standouts in this dish, both pairing beautifully with the slices of toast.

English breakfast - $18 - pork sausage, crispy spud skins, crispy bacon, grilled tomato, baked beans, 2 fried eggs, toast. The more standard of the two dishes. This one had more variety with the highlight being the spud skins (duh!). This is no surprise given the place is called 'mad spuds'. The skins were crispy on the outside but soft and waxy on the inside. Sprinkled lightly with salt, I could have had a whole bowl of these. Perfect beer snack me thinks!

Whilst we were there, we saw people ordering the spuds off the other section of the menu for breakfast so it seems that you aren't limited to the 'breakfast' menu. Next we definitely will focus on the spuds side of the menu!

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Lang Suan Thai Street Food, Eastgardens, Sydney

>> January 23, 2015

Guest blogger edition

It has been a while since I last went to Westfields Eastgardens and the ground floor has changed somewhat since then. There's now a number of eateries on the bottom floor hosting a new casual dining precinct with restaurants such as Bondi Pizza, Sedap, Kingston & co. and Ribs and Rumps amongst others.

One of these others is Lang Suan Thai. Although there's a few chains of these around Sydney, this was actually the first time I've been to this place. As we were there for lunch and there was just the two of us, we decided to get separate dishes rather than plates to share.

Chicken Cashew Nut Lad Kao ~ $12 - pieces of chicken breast wok fried with  a combination of vegetables and sprinkled with cashews. A fairly standard dish, nothing to write home about but tasty nonetheless.

Soft shell crab pad thai ~$15 - a dish that I haven't seen before, combining my love of soft shell crab with the wok-breathed pad thai. The soft shell crab was deep-fried to a crispy golden brown with basic seasoning. The rice noodles were soft with just the right amount of chewiness. A good alternative to your stock standard chicken/beef/pork pad Thai varieties.

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Albees kitchen, Campsie, Sydney West

>> January 17, 2015

Guest blogger edition

I've been to Albees soooo many times, but never got around to blogging about it. Maybe it's because I wanted to keep a suburban secret or maybe it's because every time I go I wolf down the food before I remember to take photos. In any case, I finally managed to capture a few shots before I devoured our dishes. To be honest, we ordered three dishes but I only managed to photograph 2 of them >_<.

Albees Campsie is located right on Beamish street and if you're lucky, you can get parking on the street right in front. Otherwise there's plenty of side street parking. Be warned that it does get particularly busy during lunch and dinner times on weekends.

Hainanese chicken (1/2) - $15.80 - The classic dish of half a chicken. De-boned, drowned in a light soy sauce and sitting on a bed of bean sprouts. ahhhhh. What an awesome dish. It reminds me of the same dish in Kuala Lumpur with the chicken being super succulent and combining perfectly with either the ginger/shallot dip or the chili sauce. Always get a bowl of rice with this dish to soak up the sauce, hehe.

Nasi Goreng Kampung  -  $12.50 - Fried rice with sambal, anchovies, prawn, chicken, egg, chili and shallots - Another great dish packed full of flavour. A little bit on the spicy side due to the sambal and chilis in it, but not too bad even for someone with a mild tolerance level. Chock full of those crunchy Malaysian anchovies, little shrimps and other morsels of goodness.

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