Sun Ho Restaurant, Rockdale Sydney

>> September 21, 2014

Guest blogger edition

In a world where restaurants seem to open up and close down as frequent as the sun rises and sets, it's always a nice surprise when a good restaurant stands the test of time. It's been almost 5 years since thefoodbook blogged about the Sun Ho Yum Cha Restaurant in Rockdale and so it was a pleasant surprise to visit this place once again.

Sun Ho is located on top of one of those small RSL/pokies type clubs and serves Yum Cha 7 days a week. They have a continuous special where they give you 20% for Yum cha Mon- Fri and 10% Sat-Sun.

They no longer have the price list on the tables like they did 5 years ago, but luckily I took a phot of the menu 5 years ago and I had a quick check of the prices then and now.

Small dishes are $4.60 (previously $3.50), Medium dishes are $5.80 (previously $4.70) Large are $7.40 (previously $5.70) and Extra large are now $8.10 (previously $6.50).

So there has been some price increases, but not too bad I guess. Understandably, costs do increase and there is always inflation which means that it's only natural for prices to increase. The good news is that the taste of the dishes has not diminished!

Prawn dumplings - 5 to a steamer - good value!

'The king's' siu mai - pork siu mai dumplings but topped with scallop and prawns

Vegetarian rice noodle (Churn fun) - the famous noodle dish but with no filling. A lighter choice

Chinese hot dog buns - steamed Chinese bread with a Chinese sausage inside (Lap Cheong)

Chinese chive dumplings

Steamed beef balls - an old favourite, drizzled with Worcestershire sauce, the best part is the beancurd sheets at the bottom that has soaked up all the juices.

Deep fried wontons

Beancurd wraps - inside is mushrooms, pork, prawns and some other vegetables.

Sticky rice in lotus leaves - the leaves impart an unmistakable herby smokey flavour to the rice

The sticky rice inside

Beef rice noodle 

Black pepper veal ribs

Chicken feet

Fresh hot, crispy egg tarts to finish off the meal

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Nor yang jin, Strathfield, Sydney

>> September 19, 2014

Guest blogger edition

One of the newer restaurants in Strathfield is Noryangjin (which I subsequently found out is a famous fish market in Korea). You could tell it hadn't been open for very long by the huge bouquets and wreaths of flowers that were laying by the door. 

We actually found this place out by mistake and were actually looking for the Korean restaurant that used to be here (apparently it used to serve some Korean rice paper roll dishes?) Anyhoo, given that we were there anyways, and everyone was too lazy to try and find another place to eat, we all ventured in.

The cuisine I'd describe as a fusion between Japanese and Korean.

A selection of ban chan side dishes

Sashimi platter - $55 - we saw someone order this epic looking platter and we had to order it too. Loaded with oysters, tuna, kingfish, snapper, salmon, squid, top shell and sea urchin. Plenty of variety for everyone to dig into and super fresh too.

Fish roe bibimbap dol sot ~ $15 - a pretty different bibimbap dish which didn't have your usual beef dish but instead some refreshing fish roe, adding that crunchy saltiness that it's so well known for. The menu doesn't say dol sot so you will have to ask them for it if you want it in the stone pot (so worth it because it tastes so much better).

Kimchi pork belly pancake ~$15 - probably the least favourite of the dishes. Couldn't really taste the pork belly and the pancake batter tasted undercooked and soggy :(

Deep fried calamari ~$18 - an interesting combination of crunchy fried calamari, tangy mayo and salty fish roe.

Dragon roll I think? ~$15 - This was a really great sushi roll. Inside were crumbed prawns, rolled in fish roe topped with crunchy shreds of vermicelli and drizzled with mayo.


Sakuratei, Sydney CBD, Sydney

>> September 16, 2014

Guest blogger edition

Close to Townhall station and just behind the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) is a little Japanese restaurant. Hidden inside St Martins building (I think that's what the block is called) is Sakuratei. A gem not that many people used to know about but lately has been more and more popular with the lunch time work crowd.

The best dishes I've found at Sakuratei are are the Japanese curry and the ramen, so at this midday lunch break, we ordered both. The chefs are Japanese as are the wait staff which adds that air of tasty authenticity to the dishes :D

Inside the restaurant at a lunch time - quite packed with both city workers and also people who happen to be in the city and lucky enough to know about this place.

Pork Katsu Curry - $12.50 - They have a couple of katsu options - chicken, pork and prawn. I normally get chicken katsu but this time I had a craving for the pork katsu. It was definitely a good choice. Juicy succulent pork chops coated with a crispy panko crumb batter. The mildly spicy curry was sooooo warming on a cold day, and there was plenty to it to coat all over the chicken.

Chicken katsu ramen- $11.80 - hot miso soup, half an egg, seaweed and chicken katsu. The chicken katsu was super tender but the crispiness of the pank crumbs was lost as the soup made it a bit soggy. Delicious, but may have been better had the chicken been served separately.

Outside the window, you can see the courtyard where, if it was a warm sunny day, it would be delightful to sit outside and enjoy.

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