Anatolia, Sydney Inner West, Clemton Park

Clemton Park has undergone a bit of gentrification in recent years with a huge residential complex having popped up complete with its own Coles and shopping and restaurant precinct. One of these restaurants - Anatolia - is where we decided to grab a bite to eat for lunch.

Plenty of seating inside the restaurant and you can dine in or takeaway. Order at the counter and away you go. We decided to eat in which I think has the same menu as takeaway but is a bit more expensive probably due to the service.

Beef and Spinach gozleme - ~$15 - served on a wooden chopping board this large sized gozleme was freshly made to order. The dough light and flufy and the ingredients flavoursome and fresh. Much better than those you get at the local market stalls.

Mixed doner plate with chicken and beef - $22 - I love how with middle eastern food there is such a vibrancy of colours on the plate. Here the meat from the kebab is well marinated and served on a bed of steamed rice. There is also a side of homemade flatbread which you can use to make your own little kebab wraps.

The salads provided include: shredded carrot, pickled cabbage, tabouli, tomato salsa, a green chili and a grilled tomato.

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Captain's Grill, St George Motor Boat Club, San Souci

On the waters of San Souci lies the St George Motor Boat Club. Very popular with the locals and a pretty cool place to hang by the water and enjoy a feed with family and friends. Just be sure to get in early or you'll have to park a few streets away and walk down.

Prawn spaghetti with chili, zuchini and shallots - ~$20- prawns were fresh but could have been more of (think there were only 6), though were of decent size. Plenty of pasta so would fill you up. Taste is nice with a real kick of chili coming through.

Chicken parmy - ~$19 - a classic winter warmer here. Bolgonese sauce, cheesy top, crispy chicken schnitzel on a bed of hot chips. Garden salad on the side. Chips were amazingly crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside and just a dusting of salt to season.

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McDonalds, Chicken Big Mac, Various locations

I've loved McChickens ever since I was little and was a picky eating avoiding eating beef whenever I could. At Maccers I found solstice in the McChicken and the Filet'o'Fish which became my staple burger meals whenever I frequented Maccers.

So when they launched their latest creation - the McChicken Big Mac, I knew I just had to try it. The day it was launched I raced down at lunctime and jumped to the nearest Maccers - this was the Martin Place branch. Surprisingly the placed was packed and I could see I wasn't the only one going for the new burger.

I lined up patiently in the queue and ordered my medium McChicken meal. I don't remember the price but it wasn't particularly cheap. 

As with all Maccers products, the marketing images are never what the burger actually looks like. Why are there random chilies in the back of the photo??

The great chicken big mac - 2 pieces of chicken, iceberg lettuce, standard cheese, onions, pickles and big mac sauce. Sitting in the box. Size wise it was decent enough - people with small mouths may struggle to take a proper full bite of the burger.

Taking it out of the box you can see the stark difference to the marketing photo, lol. Luckily we all know to expect this and so it wasn't disappointing. 

The verdict? The 2 chicken patties were the highlights - piping hot and lightly seasoned, fried to a nice thin crispiness on the outside, flesh still relatively moist on the inside. Not totally convinced on the overall taste though as I felt with the cheese and the Big Mac sauce it tasted a bit heavy compared to the usual McChicken ingredients. Might stick to my McChicken with extra pattie going forward.

Worth trying though!
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Saigon Bowl, Strathfield, Sydney Inner West

I haven't been to Saigon Bowl for a while but stopped by recently for a late lunch. The prices here a tad more expensive than others but the taste is still top notch.

Beef pho regular size ($12.50) - fresh cuts of rare beef, onions, coriander with slippery smooth noodles. The broth is hot and flavoursome with mouthwatering beef flavour.

The usual accompaniments

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